19 julio 2021 | Internacional, Internet

América Latina sigue las tendencias de liderazgo de Europa y otras regiones en Inversión de Impacto

Sustainable & Impact Investment is making its way around the world, and Latin America (LatAm) is following the leading trends of Europe and other regions. Although traditional investment has significantly improved in the region, it is still early days for truly sustainable investment practices that make both a difference and garner solid returns.[…]

The New Frontier Again

So what better place to start than an established, new frontier? There is a reason why the Golden Age of Exploration lasted two centuries to fuel world capitalism, and it worked then. The one big challenge was that only the elite – and perhaps some pirates – benefited from it and it led to the Age of Imperialism, which still carries a heavy consequence and meaning in the relations and emotions of the affected regions, countries and societies. Now that we have learned from history, we can create a better future moving forward by being smarter with our decisions, actions and money, by supporting regional and local stakeholders and experts, and being wise in collaboration to effect long-term beneficial change where the needs and opportunities align. This is why Latin America is the answer: it’s primed and ready for Sustainable & Impact investment.[…]

Fuente: Forbes


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