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30 agosto 2021

ESG & Inversiones de Impacto

This guide aims to help investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers and others to understand the evolving global landscape surrounding environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing and impact investing. […] With a focus on the most recent and upcoming regulatory and policy developments in this area, the contributors to this volume examine how their respective jurisdictions legally address […]

30 agosto 2021

Fondos de inversión de impacto: más allá del postureo

Ni filantropía, ni altruismo, ni renuncia alguna a obtener rentabilidad. Ni tampoco solo la aplicación de criterios ambientales, sociales y de gobierno corporativo (ASG) a la hora de seleccionar las inversiones. La inversión de impacto es un paso más hacia adelante.[…] El pasado mes de marzo entró en vigor el Reglamento de Divulgación de Finanzas Sostenibles […]

19 julio 2021

América Latina sigue las tendencias de liderazgo de Europa y otras regiones en Inversión de Impacto

Sustainable & Impact Investment is making its way around the world, and Latin America (LatAm) is following the leading trends of Europe and other regions. Although traditional investment has significantly improved in the region, it is still early days for truly sustainable investment practices that make both a difference and garner solid returns.[…] The New Frontier Again […]

15 julio 2021

El Reino Unido crea un grupo de trabajo de impacto bajo la presidencia del G7

LONDON – As part of the UK’s G7 2021 presidency, the UK government today unveiled plans for an independent Impact Taskforce (ITF) to come up with solutions for a sustainable and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and promote impact-driven economies and societies in the long term. The new initiative, under the secretariat of the […]

12 junio 2021

Por qué los family offices y los inversores privados son las piedras angulares de las innovaciones más prometedoras de la inversión de impacto

Plentiful. Flexible. The power and desire to move first. Of all investor groups, family offices and private individual investors, particularly ultra-high net worth (UHNW) are the ones driving impact investing forward and getting behind the innovative strategies we need to solve our biggest environmental and social challenges. Over the past couple of years, we have […]

12 junio 2021

Primer piloto de un fondo de inversión de impacto dirigido por estudiantes en Harvard

Full-time MBA students piloted the first-ever student-run impact investing fund at Harvard Business School last year. The fund, which has raised $200,000 since launching, will invest in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)-led businesses in Massachusetts. HBS students running the fund conducted due diligence on eight businesses, and are in the process of making […]

17 mayo 2021

Amazon emite 1.000 millones de dólares en bonos sostenibles

Amazon ha anunciado la emisión de 1 000 millones de dólares en bonos sostenibles. Aprovechando las importantes inversiones que Amazon ha realizado a lo largo de los últimos años, los fondos se utilizarán para financiar proyectos en cinco áreas: energía renovable, transporte limpio, edificios sostenibles, viviendas asequibles y avance y empoderamiento socioeconómico.[…] Esto es parte […]

17 mayo 2021

Blended finance, the spinach of investing, will make us stronger

[…] Yet the Congressional Budget Office recently warned that America’s debt will hit 102 per cent of gross domestic product this year — even before new infrastructure spending or Biden’s $1.9tn Covid relief package. And corporate lobbying groups are expressing horror at the idea of raising taxes to fund infrastructure spending.  The question for Congress […]

14 abril 2021

Fundación Ford apoya el lanzamiento de “The Black Feminist Fund”

New York, NY (March, 25, 2021) — Today, the Ford Foundation announced its commitment of $15 million in seed funding to help launch the Black Feminist Fund, a new philanthropic fund developed and led by a core group of Black feminists who sit at the nexus of feminist organizing, advocacy, and philanthropy globally. Ford’s initial investment […]

13 abril 2021

Social Finance difunde el modelo de pago por resultados

Bill Barber saw an ad on Facebook last year for American Diesel Training Centers, a school in Ohio that prepares people for careers as diesel mechanics. It came with an unusual pitch: He would pay for the schooling only if it landed him a job, thanks to a nonprofit called Social Finance. American Diesel Training is […]

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