15 julio 2021 | América Latina, Internet

Historias que las startups se cuentan a sí mismas e historias que cuentan al mundo

Growing a startup is hard. And it is in the hardest of hard moments, when success looks farthest off, that you must stick tightest to the plan.[…]

In a previous post we talked about how self-knowledge sharpens a founder’s understanding of team, customer, market, opportunities, and her own talents. It is a way of discovering the stories we tell ourselves about ourself and whether they are helpful or limiting, true or false. Here, acknowledging the fundamental appeal of stories, we’d like to understand this power and bring it to bear in crafting a narrative for your startup and the good it will bring to the world.

Why It Is Important & How Does It Work?

We want stories.
Millenia of evolution have wired our brains to value stories, even in excess of the facts at hand.

To make sense of the world in memorable ways.
The things we choose to remember and forget are those that make sense to us.[…]

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