23 diciembre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

La nueva era de co creación con inversores sociales corporativos

Covid-19 is sparking a significant “cultural shift” within businesses, experts say, helping to move past the notion of corporate foundations as a tokenistic gesture towards doing good.[…]

The role of corporate social investors was also broadening due to the upheavals of this year’s pandemic, she said. “What I’ve been hearing is that the silo vision, the one-size-fits-all approach – only corporate foundations, only grantmaking – is over. People are starting to think in a much more systematic way. People are really embracing complexity.”


EVPA chair Steven Serneels echoed Carazzone’s optimism, saying his conversations with EVPA members suggested 2020 had been “an awakening” for many firms and a realisation “that only going for profit is a short-term strategy”. Company directors were seeing that they had to be “part of the solution”, he added, and might now “put more weight and expect more contribution from the corporate social investor in co-creating that journey.”

However, Serneels acknowledged that for some companies the economic hit of Covid could still lead to a drop in funds allocated to their foundation – echoing concerns heard elsewhere at this week’s C Summit.

Fuente: Pioneers Post

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