5 octubre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

Environmental Finance galardonó al primer Bono de Impacto Social de Argentina en la categoría “Inversión del año/Educación”

The Social Impact Bond (SIB) issued by the local government of Buenos Aires in 2019 was developed to fund a pilot project to help 1,000 vulnerable young adults aged between 17 and 24 in their search for employment.

With youth unemployment high in the country – estimated in 2019 at 25% of people aged 15-24 – the SIB funded a tailor-made project designed to address the needs of each participant, strengthening their technical and social skills, mentoring them through their job search and entry to work process, and providing ongoing support for six months following employment.[…]

At the mid-point in December – despite the worsening economic situation in the country – an expert committee revealed the success rate for the SIB was 18% compared to 14% by government-run equivalent projects operated in 2018.

Fuente: Environmental Finance

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