12 junio 2021 | Internacional, Internet

Por qué los family offices y los inversores privados son las piedras angulares de las innovaciones más prometedoras de la inversión de impacto

Plentiful. Flexible. The power and desire to move first. Of all investor groups, family offices and private individual investors, particularly ultra-high net worth (UHNW) are the ones driving impact investing forward and getting behind the innovative strategies we need to solve our biggest environmental and social challenges. Over the past couple of years, we have seen numerous surveys, such as the GIIN’s 2020 report, showing that nearly every investor of this type has already or is considering a shift toward sustainable investments of some kind. In this column I explore why private investors and family offices have quickly moved to the front-lines of impact investing, allocating their capital to an array of solutions that provide a range of financial returns and impact outcomes – and all of which are laying the groundwork for institutional capital to follow. I’ll also share some first-hand anecdotes from my experience interacting with individuals and family offices as part of my day job.[…]

I often speak about the “missing middle” of investment capital that we need to bridge the gap between philanthropic or seed funding and the enormous sums of institutional capital sitting on the sidelines waiting for more proven solutions to come along that meet their investment criteria. Families and individuals are providing a critical form of capital that is helping innovators around the world prove new solutions that will change how we live. It’s important for family offices and individual impact investors to understand the enormous power that their private capital holds to address our greatest environmental and social challenges – and to engage in being part of the solutions today.[…]

Fuente: Forbes

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