17 diciembre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

¿Cómo implementar políticas públicas para crear un sistema financiero sostenible?

A toolkit for sustainable investment policy and regulation (part 1)

The PRI and the World Bank’s Financial Stability and Integrity Team are working to support government policy makers and regulators in implementing reforms to build a sustainable financial system. Such reforms must align capital markets with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This toolkit provides a high-level overview of five foundational sustainable investment policies, listed in Box 1, explaining why each is important, setting out their key features and presenting some examples of such policies in action.[…]

Further publications are planned for 2021:

  • Part 2 – a second toolkit for policy makers, focused on the banking and insurance sectors;
  • Part 3 – detailed implementation guides, which will help governments to put these toolkits into practice.

Fuente: PRI

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