10 septiembre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

Cómo medir el impacto real de una empresa

Por Sir Ronald Cohen y George Serafeim

In recent years, most major international airlines have reported healthy profitability. But our calculations show this to be a mirage. In the case of Lufthansa and American Airlines, for example, accounting for their environmental costs of $2.3 and $4.8 billion respectively would make both companies unprofitable.[…]

Accounting for impact took a major step forward in July with our publication of the cost of the environmental impact of 1,800 companies by the Impact-Weighted Accounts Initiative (IWAI) at Harvard Business School. Next year, the IWAI will publish the cost of product and employment impacts too, providing a complete picture of the impact companies create.[…]

Impact transparency will have far-reaching consequences. First, instead of taxing all of us to remedy negative impacts such as pollution, pay below the minimum wage, and products that cause obesity and ill health, governments will be able to tax companies directly for the harm they create. They will also be able to provide direct incentives — in the form of reduced taxes, subsidies or preferential procurement — for companies to deliver positive impact through their products, operations and employment practices.[…]

Fuente: Harvard Business Review

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