9 febrero 2021 | Internacional, Internet

Primer bono de impacto social financiado por crowdfunding

An Israeli social enterprise is utilising the power of crowdfunding to raise capital for a new social impact bond that will tackle loneliness in elderly people.[…]

Anchor investors and philanthropic funds have already contributed NIS 1.6 million (A$653,000) for the SIB, but advocates hope to raise another NIS 700,000 (A$285,000) through a crowdfunding campaign.

The organisation behind the SIB, Social Finance Israel (SFI), says the program is expected to help 200 people in Tel Aviv over two and a half years, aiming to reduce loneliness, improve quality of life and give seniors the tools to reconnect with the community.

SFI CEO Yaron Neudorfor said it was great to involve the community in the funding of the program.

“I am excited to enable everyone to invest in a social impact bond to reduce elderly loneliness and thus, address not only a difficult problem which has intensified recently but also, get a return on the investment subject to the project’s success,” Neudorfor said.[…]


Fuente: Pro Bono Australia

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