21 octubre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

SDG Impact lanzó su primera consulta pública sobre estándares de impacto de ODS para empresas

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the first consultation period on the SDG Impact Standards for Enterprises – designed to promote sustainable development and advance private sector contributions toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs).
The Standards for Enterprises are third among our sets of Standards, which also include a set for Private Equity Funds and one for SDG Bonds. All our Standards are the product of a monumental effort by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), which launched @SDGImpact in September 2018, to empower investors and businesses with the clarity, insights and tools required to support and authenticate their contributions to the SDGs. […]
We welcome your participation in our consultation process – a 60-day period starting today and ending on December 15. You are invited to engage with us in shaping the Standards. All Enterprises – irrespective of size, geography, or sector – can use the Standards as a best practice guide and self-assessment tool. They are a shared public good; we will refine them based on comments received during the next two months.
Learn more and begin to engage by visiting https://sdgimpact.undp.org/enterprise.html.
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