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6 noviembre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

Global Impact Investing Network lanzó reportes sobre inversión de impacto enfocada en agricultura e inclusión financiera

As the impact investing industry continues to evolve and mature, impact investors are increasingly committed to integrating impact into decision-making and sharing results transparently. Credible and comparable impact data is key to achieving the promise of impact investing, yet 84% of investors cannot compare impact results with market performance because they lack the needed tools […]

19 octubre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

La inversión de impacto se beneficia al mejorar la medición del éxito y del fracaso

In 1885, Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild became one the UK’s first impact investment managers when he established a fund that promised to provide “commodious and healthy dwellings” for the working class in east London — and a 4 per cent return for investors. But even with the fund’s success, both for the people living in the […]

10 septiembre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

Cómo medir el impacto real de una empresa

Por Sir Ronald Cohen y George Serafeim In recent years, most major international airlines have reported healthy profitability. But our calculations show this to be a mirage. In the case of Lufthansa and American Airlines, for example, accounting for their environmental costs of $2.3 and $4.8 billion respectively would make both companies unprofitable.[…] Accounting for […]

2 septiembre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

La intención no es suficiente, los inversores buscan medir el impacto

Por Madeleine Taylor The impact investing market is thriving. Asset managers from across the spectrum of the industry are buying into the trend, raising funds to invest in projects that aim to make positive social or environmental change, as well as a strong financial return. According to an annual survey by Global Impact Investing Network […]

1 septiembre 2020 | Internacional, Internet

La crisis ofrece la chance de rescribir las normas contables para incluir el impacto

Por Sir Ronald Cohen   Los inversores necesitan conocer los efectos sociales y ambientales de las compañías. ¿Qué pasaría si compararas el costo ambiental total creado por 1.800 empresas? Descubrirías por ejemplo que las operaciones de Sasol y Solvay, dos compañías petroquímicas con ventas anuales de alrededor de 12 mil millones de dólares cada una, […]

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